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Mount Everest from Kala Patthar
Mount Everest from Kala Patthar (5643m)

JRN Treks is a growing company in Kathmandu Nepal based on trekking. We, Raby & Jit, started our own company after working for foreign trekking companies and now aim to promote trekking in Nepal. Being a naturally prosperous country with the presence of beautiful high Himalayas, the breathtaking views while trekking in Nepal has a broad scope which we aspire to expand. We offer the best trekking at a reasonable price for all the adventure lovers.

Our goal is to give people a ‘once in a lifetime’ holiday!

Background of Raby and Jit.

17 years ago Jit and Raby started working as a potter for a Dutch trekking company. Thankfully due to the help of Hans and Fabienne from the Netherlands since 2006, they both were provided with the opportunity to go to college and get their bachelor’s degree. Due to their good communication and language skills, they were promoted to second guides and later first guides. They both have a lot of experience as a guide because of their contribution as guides for years for a Dutch Trekking company. Jit is not only the trekking guide and operator; he also works as a teacher in his home village Thulo Parsel and Raby also has a lot of experience in the tourism business and worked in different travel and Tour Company as the tour operator. Raby is also a cultural guide and he can offer you a tour in Nepal exploring the culture and history of Nepal.

Why choose JRN Treks ?

With our self-experienced tour guides and operators, they’ll assure your safety and comfort. Our experienced guides have covered various trekking rails in Nepal and with their outstanding language and communication skills, they’ll be able to clear any sort of inquiry you may have. You may find tour operators that speak your mother tongue along with knowledge of local and English language for a better experience. Being a small company our overhead costs are quite less compared to other companies and we will be able to offer you with top-notch facilities with a low expense for a better experience of trekking in Nepal. We’ve offered jobs as potters to the lowly qualified and unemployed people from our small village thus your visit here will provide the unemployed with employment and source of income. Our offers are updated every now and then and are of world-class standard, so grab the best package available for a wonderful trekking experience in Nepal. 

We heartily welcome you to our beautiful country Nepal  (The Home of Himalaya).

Without a doubt, trek in Nepal is one of the best and popular activities with so many possibilities at all levels. With us, you can choose from an easy three day trek to more challenging ones lasting 3 weeks or longer.

The beautiful country of Nepal not only offers trekking options in the Himalayan part for adventure, but also a pleasure tour in the UNESCO heritage and natural sites to explore history, culture, nature, and traditions. All these exciting tours and trek packages in Nepal can be arranged by our experienced staff and guides.

For a better understanding of the adventure and the thrill, you can also find several travel blogs on our website. We prioritize the client’s comfort and satisfaction which is why we also provide necessary customization on our tours and trekking packages. Get in touch with us to start your journey to find the thrill you seek.

If you want to know more about us please e-mail us at jrntreks@gmail.com

For a reference in Europe: Hans & Fabienne Buijing

Phone: 0031-634656548

Email: jh.buijing@gmail.com


Nepal Rastra Bank (Central Bank of Nepal): 1892/01/073

Office of Company Registrar: 157029/073/074

Department of Tourism License No: 2215

The industry of Nepal: 1500/536

PAN No:  604336826