Posted On:Friday, August 10, 2018
how to choose a trek in nepal

How to choose a trek in Nepal. Nepal Himalaya offers trekking for everyone regardless of fitness level, time available, and experience of walking. Thousand of different trekking destinations with the amazing vistas of world highest mountain peaks; the hidden valleys, dramatic landscapes, local culture, and their traditions. This all attractions makes the challenge to choose the right trek to suit your holiday in Nepal. All the trekking trails give you the best experience about the Nepal, Culture, costume, traditions, and the Nepali peoples. Bu...

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Posted On:Wednesday, November 29, 2017
the 5 most adventures things to do in nepal

The 5 most adventures things to do in Nepal. Nepal welcome, millions of adventure seekers every year; for the many adventures activities. Nepal is not only home to the adventures activities this is the real home of the history, traditions, culture, and nature. Nepal is known as a small realm between two giants India and China with the verities and uniqueness of natural, cultural, and historical part. If you are dreaming about traveling in Nepal; this is the 5 most adventures things to do in Nepal.    TREKKING   Tre...

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Best trekking trails during winter season in Nepal

Posted On:Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Best trekking trails during winter season in Nepal

Best trekking trails during winter season in Nepal Nepal the wonderland which offers thousand type of different activities such as trekking, hiking, rafting, paragliding, mountain biking, mountaineering; among all this activities trekking covers maximum space. Trekking season is Nepal is the spring and autumn but there are some trekking trails which always possible to do. Winter is the cold period and difficult to get High Mountain so that short treks like this are the best. These are the best trekking to di during the winter season in Nepa...

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Top 5 Most Visit Places in Nepal

Posted On:Saturday, October 7, 2017

Top 5 most visit places in Nepal. Nepal, a small and unique country in the universe; rich in the natural and cultural attractions; so that today I am writing about the top 5 most visit places in Nepal.   1: KATHMANDU VALLEY.   Kathmandu valley is the capital city of Nepal; also popular as the city of temple and color as well. This valley is associated with two other most important and beautiful valleys 1: Bhaktapur and 2: Lalitpur known as the Patan. Kathmandu is the living history of the country, not only history thi...

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The main and popular lakes in Nepal

Posted On:Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Tilicho Lake

POPULAR LAKES IN NEPAL Nepal is that unique country in the world which consists 60 meters to 8848m world highest point. This beautiful country is rich on the natural, cultural, historical and traditional phenomenon. This amazing land on the earth has everything, Mountains, desert, rivers, landscapes, waterfalls, lakes, hills, forest, and plain Tarai. But now you are going to info about the popular lakes in Nepal.   THESE ARE THE POPULAR LAKES IN NEPAL Rara Lake Phewa Lake Tilicho Lake Phoksundo Lake Gosaikunda Lake ...

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