The 5 reasons to visit Rasuwa in 2020 | Explore the Gosainkunda Lake

5 Reasons to Visit Rasuwa in 2020

Posted On:Friday, September 13, 2019
Reasons to Visit Rasuwa

Rasuwa, a district of Nepal is one of the must-visit areas in Nepal. Rasuwa is like a different place where people of the Tamang community reside peacefully. The name itself is unique because the name Rasuwa is derived from the Tibetan language. The word Ra means lambs and Sowa means grazing and combined it was named Rasuwa.

The place was originally famous for the grazing of lambs because of the fertile land and the nutritious foods for the cattle. Rasuwa lies around 120km southeast from the capital city Kathmandu. Most of the places are still developing and paths are difficult. But this can turn out to be exciting for adventure lovers. Any person with high spirits can go to this place for trekking.

The altitude ranges from 614 in lowest to 7,227 meters in the highest so one can experience a rapid change in climate while traveling in Rasuwa. The forest covers 31.43% of total land here whereas 16.62% of the land is always under the snow. These all mix up to be the most suitable situation for travelers.

Trekking and sightseeing can be the major attractions. And for your huge surprise, there are 108 lakes in this area! Yeah just imagine 108 lakes within an area of 1,544 sq km. The natural beauty one like other areas will surely captivate you and make you their hostage. Be sure to enjoy nature to its fullest because the place will not fail to surprise you will the never-seen view and atmosphere.

Places to see in Rasuwa

Langtang Himal

Langtang Himal is one of the popular mountains of Nepal. The sunrise view when the first rays of sun hit the top of the mountain and the reflection comes to your eye, you will feel your heart-melting. This mountain is one of the major attractions of Rasuwa Valley.

Langtang National Park

The first Himalaya national park of Nepal established in 1976 A.D. which exceeds the altitude of 6,450m. Nepal Government protects this area since the establishment. In Langtang National Park, we can find the rare flora and fauna found in the Himalaya Region.


The lake is a holy lake in Hindu religions and mythology. The lake stays frozen during winter and melts to mix with the Trishuli River. The area of Gosaikunda is huge and the sight that it offers is not to be missed. During the winter season, visiting Gosaikunda can be one of the to-do things for adventure lovers.

Tamang Valley

The people of Nepal are always in a hospitable and polite manner. The Tamang community has different culture and tradition. Therefore, one can experience a vast change in traditional values and learn a new thing here while being friendly with local people. Experience the daily struggle and the joy in their face even without any advanced technology in their hand.

108 Different Lakes

As mentioned earlier, this place has 108 small and big lakes. So you can enjoy the view of different lakes in a single place. Just imagine, this number of lakes that too within a small area. You will surely love this place!

The land of its own kind, Rasuwa has the most appropriate and unique features for tourists. That’s why one can enjoy their time in Rasuwa. You can totally live your personal space to its fullest amidst nature, flora, and fauna.

The best duration to visit here is between September to November when one can experience the change in the climate. If you can endure the climate, the snow-covered locations can be another major attraction for you.

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