Adventure and Thrilling Bungee Jump in Nepal | Bungee jump in Nepal

Adventurous and Thrilling Bungee Jump in Nepal

Posted On:Thursday, October 31, 2019
bhote koshi bungee jumping

Bungee Jump in Nepal is a very mainstream activity for adventure lovers and especially youngsters. It’s incredibly adventurous and furthermore a risky sport as well.

Bungee jumping increases your adrenaline rush and in the meantime, checks your braveness. Also, Bungee Jumping in Nepal will offer the guests the genuine experience of jumping off from the high elevation at a genuine and enjoyable spot.

Not to mention, the surroundings accessible at the bungee jumping region are hypnotizing for your eyes. Additionally, it gives the incredible chance to the guests of Nepal to appreciate the extraordinary gutsy exercises.


Why Bungee Jumping in Nepal?

The physical structure of the nation had made itself an alternate and a remarkable nation on the planet. Experience one of the most fabulous and undertakings Bungee Jump in the nation.

Envision the free-falling from the breathtaking height of 500 ft above the raging Bhote Koshi. You need to attempt the daring Bungee Jump at least once in your lifetime.

The area for the genuine experience is just 4 hours a long way from the capital city of the nation, Kathmandu, and 12 kilometers from the Tibet Border. Therefore, you can also perform other creative or adventurous activities after this exciting exercise.


Reaching the location

The bungee jumping is at the elevation of 160m over the Bhote Koshi River, which lies 80km north of Kathmandu. Therefore, we have to drive for around 3 to 4 hours from Kathmandu.

Bungee jumping in Nepal will offer you the lifetime-critical experience of jumping from the tallness towards the quick streaming Bhote Koshi River and bouncing back before you just touch it.

Furthermore, it’s just a one-day activity but you can choose to either stay a night there or return back the same day. Also, you don’t need to carry much luggage with you.


Health Requirement:

Since it is a very thrilling activity and not everyone is fit for this, one needs to mandatory go through health check-ups before performing the activity. The following check-ups are done before letting you perform Bungee Jumping:

Heart disease


Orthopedic problems

High blood pressure


Addiction to alcohol or drugs

Neurological problems

Psychological problems


If you are fit and pass all these tests then you can perform the activity. Bungee Jump is one of the best ways to fight with your height of fear too. You will get pictures, a T-shirt and a certificate after the completion. Also, you can get the video if you ask for it beforehand and pay a little more.

Are you excited?

Is your adrenaline rush increasing?

Then what are you waiting for?

Contact us ASAP and we will prepare for anything and everything for your Bungee Jumping experience.