After the demonstrative earthquake in Nepal | Natural disastar in Nepal

After the demonstrative earthquake

Posted On:Sunday, September 18, 2016

After the demonstrative earthquake

Nepal is one of the most popular travel destinations for international tourism because of the unique culture and great natural side. Including the crown of the world Mt Everest 8848 m,  and other many natural and cultural standards. On the 25th April 2015 and 12 May, there was a big earthquake. This hit almost all over Nepal and destroyed some natural side and some cultural side. But still most of the natural and cultural side are same and you can enjoy as like before. so make up your mind and set to visit Nepal. 
This demonstrative earthquake, of course, killed more than 8000 peoples and injured more than 20000 peoples and made homeless and family-less for more than 100000 peoples. So that this period Nepal need your support as like before because Nepal has to stand up and get the position like before.  Nepal’s first income source is tourism. At this moment so many peoples they have to misunderstand and miss judge about this beautiful country. As a victim of that natural disaster, I want to say Nepal is still same and perfect for traveling so visit Nepal and help Nepal.
During this two years, so many things are established and fixed. All the trekking destination are open for the trek.  Destroyed monuments are repaired so trek in Nepal is as usual before. All the trekking destinations and tourist attraction have become normal again like before the Earthquake in Nepal. Peoples of Nepal stand up after that demonstrative earthquake because of the great support from all over the world.
Yes Definitely after destroyed the earthquake still so many things need for rebuilding and reconstruction but all the tourist attraction are alive and these all place are safe to travel.

1: Trekking in Everest Base Camp Trek still same after the demonstrative earthquake

 2: Trekking in Annapurna Base Camp Calling You after the demonstrative earthquake
3: Trekking in Langtang Valley waiting for you and they need your dollars after the demonstrative earthquake
 4: The culture of Mustang standing in a similar way.
 5 All the adventure and cultural varieties are same in Nepal