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Dashain Festival – National Festival of Nepal

Posted On:Monday, August 28, 2017
Dashain festival

Dashain Festival

Dashain festival is the national festival of Nepal. It celebrates by all the Hindu peoples all over the world. It has its own importance. Dashain symbolizes the victory of gods over demons and victory of good over the evil. According to the history, a demon Namse ‘Maishsaura’ was killed by the goddess ‘Durga’ and saves everyone by evils. That’s why people have that aspect and belief Thus, Dashain celebrates the victory over the demon. Goddess Durga is also known as power and justice. It has important significance in Hindu religion and celebrates for 15 days. This is the religious belief among all the Hindu peoples.



The very first day of Dashain festival known as ”Ghatasthapana”. This day starts with planting a grass called ‘Jamara’. Every household prepares a pot and plant grass with cow dung ‘Gobar’ and barley ‘Jau’. Pure sand collected to produce Jamara from barley. Generally, every male from the house worships Goddess Durga every morning and evening.


The second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth day of Dashain festival is celebrated by visiting temple; Dhams worship Goddess Durga and performs daily puja at home for live long and good future. The seventh day of Dashain has known as ‘Fulpati’ normally on this day every household do the same activities like puja Aradhana. But the male is busy cutting the animals like hen, goat, buffalo, sheep etc. According to history, in ancient time God used to give the sacrifice of them so they follow the same things. Government holiday starts from the day of Fulpati. People enjoy the festival by involving themselves in playing cards, flying kites and eat verities of food.


The eight day Dashain festival celebrates as ‘Maha Astami’ on this day people visit many temples to worship Goddess Durga Bhawani and Mahakhali. The night day of Dashain is ‘Mahanawami’. Regular puja of Dashain is following out as usual. People worship their vehicles, instruments, machines on this day.


The tenth day of Dashain festival celebrates as Vijay Dashami. On this day, the planting Jamara is take out from the puja griha and the eldest member of the family provides Jamara and red tika to all the family members. People receive red tika, Jamara and blessings from their elders and relatives. There is also a culture to give ‘Dakxina’ to younger ones. Everyone make themselves ready with new clothes and other ornaments. People invite their friends and relatives for lunch and dinner during the days of Dashain.