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Holi Festival – The festival of Color – JRN Treks

Posted On:Friday, March 3, 2017
Holi festival

Holi Festival

Holi festival is a most entertaining festival of Nepal. It is also famous for the festival of colors as we play with the colors at this time. Holi has its own religious significance of the celebration. It is a Hindu festival celebrates with lots of joy by the Hindu people all over Nepal as well as abroad where Hindu people are temporally staying. It falls in a spring season after the end of winter. This festival celebrates in the month of Falgun. In this season nature shows its real beauty and everywhere looks very dazzling with the pleasant environment.


In the context of Nepal, this festival celebrates for 2 days. The people from Hilly region celebrate in 1st day and the people from Tarai region celebrate on the 2nd day. But the peoples from the very bottom of the country celebrates equally with full of enjoyment and happiness whether they are from Hilly or Tarai. They don’t discriminate or underestimate each other they celebrate like a family. It is the happiest festival, especially for kids.


There is a big untold story behind the celebration of Holi. Once there was a [Prahald] son of Hiranyakashyap” who used to worship load Bishnu however he was forced to worship his own father but he denied. His father became angry and decided to kill his own son by various means. One of the means was killing his son through his sister by sitting in the fire and she was bonded to harm from the fire. Unfortunately, due to the blessings of Lord Bishnu, Prahlad was saved however Holika was burned.


From that time, people celebrate Holika Dahan to be healthy by burning their sin. And, in the next morning, they celebrate colorful Holi to show their joy and happiness. Nowadays this festival celebrates as an event in Nepal, not only Nepali, by peoples as well. Normally this festival celebrates the full moon day of Nepali month Falgun in the spring season.