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Jungle and Wildlife Adventure in Nepal

Posted On:Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Almost 44.74% of Nepal’s total land is covered with forests. Also, the geographical variation and climate of this wonderful land play an important role in the wide number of flora and fauna in the country. The change in climate and geography with the change in attitude has been the reason that Nepal is home to a large variety of animals and birds. Not to mention that the altitude varies from 70m in lowest to 8,848m (the height of Mt. Everest) in the highest; this is also the highest altitude in the world. Trees and forests cover 65% of Nepal’s total land is a hilly region. Also, Nepal is the second richest country in terms of water resources.

These factors add up to be a favorable situation for most of the animals and plants. Trekking and mountaineering are the adventurous things to do in Nepal but wildlife activities can be adventurous too if you are a nature-loving person. There are more than 185 species of mammal in Nepal and 850 species of bird.

National Parks in Nepal

There are 9 National Parks, 4 Wildlife Reserves, and 3 Conservational Areas in Nepal altogether. These wildlife conservational areas protect rare animals, birds, and plants of Nepal. Every year smugglers kill many animals for their body parts. The parts are traded to other peoples who will use the parts of these animals as medicines or even as a show-piece in their wall. Some plants are also plucked and sold to be used as medicines. These kinds of inhumane activities are leading to degradation in a number of rare animals. To be exact, if these activities continue then it is sure to lead toward the extinction of wildlife. So, the Nepal government protects these areas to escape from this worst-case scenario.

The Chitwan National Park protects two of the most smuggled wildlife; One-horned Rhino and Royal Bengal Tiger. There are many important animals and birds found there. The jeep safari to Chitwan National Park can make a new and adventurous experience. You will stay in an open jeep while observing around the jungle. You will encounter various animals and birds. Spotted deer, barking deer, massive gaurs, mynah, parakeets, etc. are some of the animals and birds in this area. If you are lucky enough you will also encounter the famous endangered animal; one-horned rhinoceros. Elephant safari can be a better alternative if you want to take the trip in a slow and steady way while observing the scenery.

Why Jungle Adventure Tourism in Nepal?

The forest covers  44.74% of the total land of Nepal. This gives all the opportunity to adventure lovers to explore this wonderful land. Experiencing a new destination where there is no one around and you can enjoy your own company. Merging with the surroundings as one while viewing birds and animals that you have never seen before. Can it get any better?

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