Lobuche East vs Island Peak Climbing | Island and Lobuche Peak Difficulty

Lobuche East vs Island Peak Climbing

Posted On:Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Lobuche East vs Island Peak Climbing

Lobuche East vs Island Peak Climbing.

Lobuche Peak lies in the Everest Region and so does Island Peak. Surprisingly, they both are very near to each other. Also, there are many similarities between these two peaks. Like, they are both one-day peak climb.

Furthermore, these peaks are the best peaks for the climbers who are thinking of climbing to the highest altitude of the world, Mt. Everest. These can also be known as the practice climb for those people.

Although Island Peak is at a higher altitude than Lobuche, Lobuche is much harder to climb than Island Peak. Lobuche East is the best peak to climb around the Everest Region due to its beauty.


Lobuche East vs Island Peak: Altitude & Geographical Comparision

The Island Peak and Lobuche East Peak both lie within the lap of Mt. Everest. The altitude of Island Peak is 6,189m whereas the altitude of Lobuche East Peak is slightly lower than Island Peak i.e. 6,119m.

The Island Peak lives up to its name and looks like an island in the valley of the ice. On the other hand, Lobuche looks like a normal peak. The geographical situation and shape of Lobuche make it difficult to climb.


Lobuche East vs Island Peak Climbing Difficulty

Lobuche East is much difficult to climb than the Island peak. The Lobuche East is the best for someone who is trying to climb Mt. Everest.

Additionally, Island Peak is also suitable for someone with beginning experience in peak climbing. The shape of the Island peak makes it easier to climb than Lobuche.


Highlights of Lobuche Peak and Island Peak

Since both of the peaks lies in the Everest Region, you can find similar attractions in both of the places. But the climbing difficulty can vary in these places.

One can explore the lifestyle and culture of the Sherpa community. It can leave you mesmerized by how they can survive in such a barren and cold land. Not to mention, you can enjoy the view of the valley surrounded by mountains.

Namche Bazaar is the most happening place because it is the major town of the Everest Region. Beautiful mountains like Cho Oyu, Amadablam, Lhotse, Mt. Everest, etc. can leave you mesmerized.

Tengboche Monastery is another attraction where you can explore the culture and tradition of the Buddhist community.


Best Climbing Season

The best climbing season for Everest Region can be the spring season and autumn season. During these two seasons, the climate and weather of the Everest Region are best for climbers. If you are looking for more thrills you can visit there during the winter season too but it is colder and only a few travelers visit there around winter.


Physical Challenges and Prior Experience

Although we told that Island Peak is easier in comparison to Lobuche East, we should not forget that both of the peaks lie in the lap of Mt. Everest. The expeditions within the Everest Region need you to be physically fit some extent.

Also, you can experience the best view of the mountains and the surrounding like nowhere else. The local people and their lifestyle will motivate you to continue your journey even if you feel like quitting at any of the points.

Furthermore, both of them are a one-day expedition so you can do it smoothly. You can also learn about Buddhist culture and tradition whether you choose any of the expeditions.


Food and Accommodation

The Everest Region is a popular destination for trekkers and climbers. Hence, there are many lodges and teahouses on the trail. Some best guesthouses will offer you international cuisine too.

You must try the local cuisine while you are on either of the treks. This will help you get the taste of the local food and we are sure you will enjoy it.

Additionally, there is a scarcity of every demanded food because the lands are not fertile and only a few crops grow there. Luckily, planes and vehicles will play a major role in bringing vegetables and other necessary ingredients for your better experience while you stay there.



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