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Mustang Trail Race 2020

Posted On:Sunday, September 22, 2019
Mustang Trail Race 2020

Mustang is located at Dhaulagiri District and is one of the seventy-seven districts of Nepal. The plain hill and the silence in nature have contributed to the Mustang to get its nickname ‘desert of the Nepal’. The Valley is very peaceful and the people living there are of quite a nature too. So, this place can be a great escape from your day-to-day life.

Mustang is known as an ancient forbidden kingdom because it had its own separate king and separate rules. The tourist wasn’t allowed in this place until 1991 when the government opened all the areas for tourists. It was until October 2008 that the Nepal Government had it under its control. The total view of the desert-looking destination and glorious mountains at the far end makes this place unique from other places.

The Mustang district is a rural area and vehicles are not available at most of the places. Animal husbandry and agriculture are the major occupations of this place. Apple is the famous product of Mustang and you can see various unique products made out of apples. Another interesting fact about this place is that the entire area lies within the Annapurna Conservation Area.

What is the Mustang Trail Race?

Mustang Trail Race is a unique trail originally used for trading between Nepal and Tibet. The trail is very exciting and best for adventure seekers. The debut race was modest with 13 contenders and demonstrated an incredibly pleasant accomplishment with a remarkable blend of reasonable running separations at high elevations, brilliant shifted scenes, rich Buddhist culture (the race checkpoints incorporate Monasteries and caverns). The subsequent occasion pulled in 25 contenders with genuine sprinters from the USA, Italy, and Nepal close by solid Nepali competitors.

Mustang Trail Race 2020

The race in 2020 is going to be very exciting which will complete in 12 days with 8 different stages. The race is very risky as you have to run for 8 days out of 12 days and cover a distance of almost 200km. Therefore, the organizing team will keep an eye on racers; carry their backpack leaving just a few items for them to carry. Organizers will also provide you food and lodging facilities. You will also get a break for a day for rest and to adapt to the situation. You can observe cultural attractions and monuments. One can take a break or rest for a while in these places before continuing their race.

Preparation for the Race

The event is happening from 4th April 2020 till 16th April 2020 where 50 participants will take part in it. The organizing team is quite excited and the preparation is going at a good pace. The teahouse and food facilities will be organized by the organizing team so participants need not worry about these things. Also, they have a rescue team in case of any emergencies.

The thrill about this race is not competing with others but competing with self. It can be great training for racers as you have to adapt to a difficult situation. The race will check your tolerance, your navigation skills, your stamina, and your capability. Running continuously for multiple days is tiring and painful so it can break the dreams of peoples with fragile willpower. Hence, this is the ultimate battlefield to increase your willpower, skills, and stamina.