My experience of great Himalayan trail lower part | Eastern part of Nepal

My experience of great Himalayan trail lower part | Eastern Region of Nepal

Posted On:Saturday, June 12, 2021
My experience of great Himalayan trail lower part

This is about My experience of great Himalayan trail lower part | Eastern Region of Nepal

I was just having free time because of the coronavirus hit worldwide and the tourism industry of Nepal also badly affected by this deadly virus. So I was killing my time by doing some hiking trip around Kathmandu valley and spending most of the time with family and reading some books.  But as a nature lover and trekking guide, I was missing nature and mountains. And of course, walking in that beautiful trekking trails. During that time, I was planning to do some treks which I haven’t done, and newly discovered trekking trails in Nepal. And looking for a trekking partner. But my destiny was calling me for a different and new challenge to accept and I got a call and message from Hand Buijing (Papa) there is someone who wants to do a trek in Nepal in the month of March and they are coming to Nepal.

Well, I was really surprised and really excited to back in nature and in the mountain after more than one and half years. I was sucked after I got their trekking itinerary because I never heard of and been in those places. There was written Great Himalayan trail lower part (GHT lower part). After carefully read the itinerary I was in dilemma about what to do and what not to do. Then I decided to go because this is a completely new challenge and an opportunity for me. I fetched my clients from the airport and drop them in the Grand Norling Hotel. Where they planned to spend their 10 days quarantine. During these quarantined days, we had a lot of conversations via email, phone calls, and messages regarding the trip.

Finally, 10 days of quarantine was over and we set to fly for our trip. Because, when they were in quarantine i prepared all the permits, flight tickets to embark on our journey. Our flight ticket to Bhadrapur was at 8:10 am by Buddha Air so we been to an airport at 6:30 am because of the procedures we have to follows because of the coronavirus. We met with the porter at the airport because we have to fly together. Unfortunately, our flight was one hour delay, while waiting to fly again we four had beautiful conservation with a cup of coffee in the airport’s waiting area. During that conservation, we shared each other’s experiences because our porter for this trek is not only a porter he is a very experienced trekking guide too.

Our flight took off for Bhadrapur and we landed at Bhadrapur airport at 11:15 am. After we reached Bhadrapur we drank coca-cola and managed a jeep to drive to a place called Tharpu. Tharpu is the place from where our journey to Great Himalayan Trail lowers part going to start. Travel to Tharpu in Jeep took around eight hours. After we reached in there we found a hotel and booked two rooms for us and then myself with Bishnu Dai searched the way for the next day and we asked for few peoples about the trail. In the evening we discussed our plan. We slept in a local hotel but the hotel owner was not that frankly and she overcharged us for eat and sleep just one night which i as not expected before.

This blog is about my experience of Great Himalayan trail lower part and we started from the Eastern region. After breakfast in Hotel at Tharpu we commenced our trip to Oyam. This was our first day of the walk so that we made it easy first two days to reach Chhangthapu. From Chhangthapu we have to do a very heavy do to Phalut. Phalut is a part of India (Sikkim). We hiked up to Phalut in the early morning and we hired a local guide because we have to walk through the jungle to reach Phalut and the trail is very difficult to follow. We reached Phalut at 7:30 pm and it was very dark so that we used the flashlight to see the trail. When we reached there the hotel there was fully packed so that we had to share the accommodation with other trekkers.

The next day early in the morning we hiked to the viewpoint from where we enjoyed the view of Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Kumba Karna, and other many mountain peaks. I met a guide there and he was saying we can see Mt. Everest as well but I was very confused about that. Because i have been to the Everest Base Camp so many times from Nepal side and I show this mighty mountain numerous times. After breakfast at Phalut we back to Chhangthapu. When we backed in Chhangthapu we are all were exhausted and we took a rest day here. Then we continued our journey to the eastern part of Nepal. And this was called the Kanjenjunga section. As I guide I used to ask peoples about trails, places, and how to get there. Most of the time peoples gave us the right directions and one time got the wrong direction and we have to take a Jeep to be at our destination.

During this trip, I got opportunities to reach popular places like Pathivara Temple, Arun valley and River, Tamor valley and river and met with different ethnic groups particularly Limbu, Rai, Tamang, Sherpa. And we visited many districts such as Panchthar, Taplajung, Bojpur, Khotang, Sokukhumbu, Dolkha, and Sindhupalchok. The great Himalayan trail lower part is for those people who love to be in nature and want to know more about the cultural value of Nepal and peoples who to lives in that areas. There are these popular trekking sections such as the Kanchenjunga section, Makalu Barun Section, Rolwaling Everest Section, Solukhumbu section, and Langtang section in the eastern region and we did all those sections.

What I show and what I felt about this beautiful trekking trail is that it will vanish in few years because of the road construction everywhere and the walking trail is not using anymore. When we were there the walking trails in most of the place was disappeared and very confused to walk.  So that I request to all the authorized place and people please take care of such beautiful trekking trails.