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Side Trip from Kyangin Gumba during Langtang Valley Trek

Posted On:Sunday, April 28, 2019
side trip from Kyangin Gumba during Langtang Valley Trek

Side Trip from Kyangin Gumba during Langtang Valley Trek.

Kyangin Gumba is one of the best places in the Langtang Valley Trek, also the last human living place of Langtang Trek; From Kyangin Gumba there are more places to explore as the side day trip. All those places are the best viewpoint.  The Side Trip from Kyangin Gumba during Langtang Valley Trek can be:

1: Kyanjin Ri View Point.

3 to 5 hours of walking.

There is two Kyanjin Ri viewpoint upper and lower; both viewpoints offers panoramic mountains, glacier, and landscapes views. To be in this viewpoint need to climb northeast of Kyangin Gumba. Lower Kyanjin Ri viewpoint located in 4400m above the sea level. From here you can have the best view of Kyanjin Gompa Village, snow towering mountain peaks, treeless landscapes, and dramatic glacier. After reach in lower viewpoint, walking through the ride of the hills takes you to the higher part of Kyanjin Ri with an elevation of (4773m / 15655 ft.) from this height the views are just superb. The trail to these viewpoints is quite difficult especially descending from the top.

2: Tsergo Ri (Also called Tserko Ri)

6 to 7 hours of walking.

Tsergo Ri is the highest viewpoint east of Kyangin Gumba for a day hike; in the elevation of (4984m / 16351.71 ft.) covering by prayers flags on top. Hike to Tsergo Ri is challenging by trail and high altitude as well. If there is snow very difficult to find the trail to reach in the top so need to have an experienced trekking guide. A view from the top of 4984 m is just amazing. You will feel the beautiful views come after a hard climbing up.

3: Langshisha Kharka.

7 to 8 hours of walking.

Visit in Langshisha Kharka is the longest walk around Kyangin Gumba after Kyanjin Ri and Tsergo Ri. This place is popular for the spectacular Mountain View from low elevation 4100 m. But close by there is massive Langshisha Ri 6427m which is impossible to climb but if you have proper gear and training then this is possible. Due to the long distance of walk many travelers not going there. If you love camping for an overnight you can hire Tent in Kyanjin Gompa.