The Fun and Adventurous Trishuli River Rafting | Rafting in Nepal

The Fun and Adventurous Trishuli River Rafting

Posted On:Thursday, September 5, 2019

White water rafting is a recreational outdoor rafting where one can navigate downstream on river rapids using an inflated raft. The name ‘white water rafting’ comes from the rapid flow of water in rivers that makes the water appear white. Rafting is an extremely popular recreational activity practiced in most countries around the world. Nepal can be truly considered an adventurer’s paradise because it has every possible activity that can make your adrenaline level rise-up.

Nepal, being the second richest country in term of water resources, has many more opportunities for rafting than other countries. The level of rafting differs in every river. Level of rafting defines the difficulties and the rage of the river. Adventure lovers who have previous rafting experience and can handle a raft properly can select higher grades of rafting. Higher the grade, higher the risk and adrenaline-rush in your body.

Grades of Rafting

Grade 1 River has a slower moving current with little or no obstacles.

Grade 2 & 3 Rivers generally are fast-moving with some obstacles and smaller to medium size rapids.

The Grade 4 Rivers have long, continuous sections of white water and large waves which requires strong paddling and good teamwork in the boat.

Grade 5 Rivers have powerful prolonged sections of rapids and big holes, which requires very strong paddling and preferably some previous rafting experience.

Grade 6 is almost impossible to run.


Enjoy the water adventure

Since we have many rivers, we also have various options for the rafting. Some of the places for rafting in Nepal are Trishuli River, Seti River, Bhote Koshi River, Kali Gandaki River, Marsyandi River, Sun Koshi River, Arun River, Karnali River and Tamur River.

The best option for rafting in the Trishuli River. The Trishuli River is just around 85km west of Kathmandu, which will be around 3-4 hours drive. Trishuli River Rafting is Grade 1 rafting. Also, this rafting course is a perfect trip for beginners who want to enjoy water fun. Before the raft, the River guide instructs you about the skills of paddling, how to use safety equipment like a life jacket, helmet, rope, and the skills on a water trip. Trishuli is a nice bouncy river, but the rapids aren’t too big, making this an ideal river for beginners. The water is usually quite warm, and one can see pretty terraced farmland, local villages, and enormously high hills while rafting.

One can go to Trishuli River via bus or private cab and there are various hotels and resorts for your stay. But booking a travel package is safer and for your surprise cheaper too. That’s why we suggest you choose us for a better experience. Visit JRN Treks for more detailed information about White Water Rafting.