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Trekking guide and porter service in Nepal

Posted On:Sunday, May 30, 2021
trekking guide and porter service in Nepal

Trekking Guide and Porter Service in Nepal 


Trekking guides and porters are the keys to successfully complete your trip to the Himalayas of Nepal. They walk the same amount of time and distance you walk but they never say we are tired and need rest. Only focus on how to make your journey comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable. In Nepal, we have a say that, guides are the unpaid ambassador of the country, who shows the country’s regions, culture, religion, nature, and many more things. Therefore we provide you the best Trekking Guide and Porter service in Nepal.


Guides are categories differently as following Trekking guide, Tour (cultural) guide, Climbing guide, and Rafting guide, and more. All the guides are well-trained and licensed holders. They are very professional, adequately informative with vast experiences regarding their field. JRN Treks is a base trekking company we provide the best guides and porter for trekking in Nepal.


Our guides are very professional and they know the guest’s value. They are very experienced. They show you the trail and give you all the hidden information and monuments on the trail. We provide the license holder an experienced guide. The guides are trained by TAAN (Trekking agency association of Nepal and NMA (Nepal Mountain Academy).

All the porters work with us, they are trustworthy and laborious, and accountable to their job. They are very strong and capable to handle any circumstance they face. We priorities porters from villages and low economical background. Our aim is to give them also better life so if you hire one porter for your trek, that not only helps to get you bucket list places you give them a good life. Normally one porter can carry 20 to 25 KG. Because this is the stander set by the Nepal government and other authorized agencies.



Guide’s main aim is take to you safely to your daily destination not only that they show you the way, give you all the information you need and manage your place to eat and sleep in the night. Even during the emergency they quickly manage and pass the information to the agency and other authorized places. While you are going up some time there is a high chance to get altitude sickness at that time guide will be the best companion for you.



Porter, they carry your luggage and make your journey easy and light. This is their core job but they are always handy for other things too. If any day you have to walk for long and there is the chance to get late they can come to fetch you and take you to the destination alongside the guide. And most of the time they will be the teammate for play cards and other activities and most importantly they are the fun factor during the trek.



Guide 35$ per day.

Guide cum porter 30$ per day.

Porter 25$ per day. One porter can share between 2 trekkers.

At this cost, it covers guides and porter’s salary, insurance, food, accommodation, and transportation. Always remember us for the best Trekking Guide and porter service in Nepal for your trip to the Himalayas. As we offer full-board trekking packages as well as only guide and porter service too.