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Trekking in Upper Mustang 2016

Posted On:Sunday, September 18, 2016

Trek in the forbidden kingdom of Nepal Upper Mustang is one of the most exciting treks in Nepal. Our Upper Mustang Trek plan was fixed for August 7 but there were problems of flight to Jomsom so we took a bus from Pokhara to Beni and Jomsom. However, we had to face so many problems during that drive from Beni to Jomsom because of the rainy season in Nepal and road conditions. Regardless, we managed to get to Jomsom as we had planned but the weather was challenging for us like before.


Then we started our day by setting off on a trek to Upper Mustang from Jomsom. On reaching Chhusang, we encountered similar problems caused by rain and hence it was difficult to get on the other side of the river so we used a Tractor to cross the river. Although there were many difficulties, we managed to get in Chhusang on our planned time.


The unbelievable trek to Upper Mustang was going well but quite bothersome because of the road as we were traveling by jeep. During this trip, I realized that a jeep trip to the Upper Mustang was perfect but not as fancy as I thought it would be. Anyway, our journey went well but in an unexpected way because each day was a rainy day in the upper part of Mustang which was unpredictable.


When we got to the walled city Lo Manthang, a local festival was going on which was quite refreshing for us as the rain and the dumpy road had made us tired. Although the level of challenges was high, we had a good time hiking to Chooser and Hot spring from Lo Manthang.


After a few days of the rain, we finally witnessed some good weather and an opportunity to get back via Ghar Gompa to Dhakmar. As the rain had stopped, we had an amazing view of cliffs and mountains. Similarly, we got back to Syangboche and took the Ruchen cave way to Samar, Chhusang to end the trek in Kagbeni. Despite the rain, we enjoyed our trip and along the way learned a lesson that trekking during the rainy season is probably not the best idea.