Upgradation of Pokhara to a green transport infrastructure city

Upgradation of Pokhara to a ‘Green-Transport Infrastructure City’

Posted On:Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Green Transportation is a mode of transportation that doesn’t depend upon fossil fuels and don’t harm the environment in a negative way. Green transportation runs on renewable energy sources. Some of the modes of green transportation are bicycles, electric scooters, electric vehicles, hybrid cars, etc. These types of transportation produce low to almost no greenhouse gas emissions.

Thus, this will cause almost no harm to the environment.

We use cars, bus or other means of vehicles that run on petrol/diesel which are non-renewable sources of energy. If we think about the adverse effect of the vehicles then we will surely blame ourselves for the degradation of the ozone layer.

The pollution we are causing for our convenience is way too dangerous for our upcoming generation.

The adverse effect of vehicles

The degradation in the quality of air from the wastage of vehicles is causing the normal people to use a mask even while going out for 2 minutes. The pollution can cause asthma even to a healthy person. The water getting polluted due to the factories which produce vehicles are making people sick and causing death. Spillage of engine oils and other vehicle fluids have contributed to some points too.

Poor people drink water from the river and then fall sick. If they don’t get the proper treatment they can even die.

Similarly, the irritating noise of vehicles can make anyone go mad. Heavy vehicles like trippers can change the mood of people disturbing the peace of the place, making people aware of its entrance from a far distance.

In these ways, our normal vehicles are contributing heavily to create an adverse effect on society.

Pokhara as a Green-Transport Infrastructure City

Pokhara is one of the most touristic destinations in Nepal. The city nicknamed ‘The City of Lakes’, welcomes thousands of tourists each month. The beauty of Pokhara cannot be defined in words. The destination connects to different adventurous places. Pokhara falls on the itinerary of major hiking and trekking places in Nepal.

Therefore, travelers can choose to travel to different places too. One can perform an adventurous act like paragliding, tower jump, etc.

Also, this place is suitable for peace lovers too because of the silence in the air. One can enjoy the chirping of birds, paddles in the lake, glorious view of Machhapuchhre mountain and temple bells near Lakeside of Pokhara.

One negative effect that tourism has brought to this place is pollution. The city is as clean and dirt-free as possible but due to the vehicles, the pollution still remains somewhere.

Vehicles are increasing rapidly because of the excessive flow of tourists. In some cases, one can hire a scooter/ bike by providing their license.

Hence, to lessen the pollution the government of Pokhara has taken a beautiful step. The city is switching to Green Transportation which will decrease pollution by half or even more.

Recently, Pokhara City has signed MoU with the Gangwon Province of South Korea and Green City Technology. The MoU consists of developing transport infrastructure with greenery in Pokhara and as a part of the agreement, Gangwon Province and Green City will work together to promote smart-environment friendly tourism in Pokhara.

Benefits of Switching to Green Transportation

Once Pokhara switches to Green Transportation, environmental pollution will totally reduce. Not that tourists are less satisfied, but still, they will be happier and satisfied with the fact that the Pokhara has upgraded to Green Transportation.

Normally, tourists travel in a taxi which is quite expensive. After this initiation tourists will have to pay less price for traveling. Gradually, the people who put bikes and scooters on hire might start putting electronic vehicles on hire. This might result in the economic growth of locals too.

Also, Pokhara will be the first city in Nepal to switch to Green Transportation.

Hence, it’s a win-win situation for Pokhara. Pokhara will be a pollution-free city since it already has banned the use of plastic. The tourism sector will also boom since Gangwon Province and Green City Technology has already promised to promote eco-friendly tourism in Pokhara.

Also, the domestic tourist will be benefitted because they will have to pay less while traveling in Pokhara.