Why is Langtang Circuit Trek the most popular trek in all of Nepal?

Why is Langtang Circuit Trek the most popular trek in all of Nepal?

Posted On:Monday, July 1, 2019
Langtang circuit trek

Langtang Circuit Trek is the best trekking place in all of Nepal. The place was completed devastated by a massive avalanche caused by the Earthquake that took place on April 2015. In spite of such a calamity, the Langtang people and valley are slowing rising to their former glory. Langtang is the home place of Tamang, Sherpa, and Newars. The compelling facts of the trek are a wide variety of subtropical to alpine climates, various flora and fauna could in and around the Langtang valley. One can see wildlife such as Himalayan black bear, Himalayan tahr, rhesus monkey and red pandas. Interestingly, the infamous Yeti sightings stories are heard at the place. Langtang Park also has the famous Gosainkunda Lake which is a holy spot for Hindus. Thousands of pilgrims also go for the Langtang Gosaikunda Trek which is a popular cultural trek in Nepal.

Langtang Lirung is the highest mountain peak of Mount Langtang. The mountain Lirung lies in the southwest of the eight thousand Shishapangma. The unique blend of the natural, social, cultural and religious aspects of Langtang makes such a trek, the best trekking locations in Nepal. In the below paragraphs, we discussed why Langtang Circuit is the fascinating trekking destinations in all of Nepal.

Why the Langtang circuit is the best trekking place in Nepal?

Awesome mountain views: As mentioned above, Langtang is the highest mountain peak in Langtang. The area surrounding the mountain dominates the skyline which could be easily seen from the nearby village of Kyanjin Gompa. While on hiking or trekking, visitors or pilgrims can see glaciers closely.

One can also attempt to scale two peaks which are Yala Peak and Naya Kanga if one is an experienced mountaineer.

There is a chose to stay in the camp or in beautiful tea houses: From the experience and view of various trekkers who have visited this blessed place claims that the camping part is the most part of the journey.

One can camp at Langtang valley further from Kyanjin Gompa and across the Ganja La Pass and spend three memorable days camping on the way down the valley. If you want to rest and spend some time indoors, then they are several comfortable tea houses in Langtang.

Access to hot showers: After the devastating Earthquake, several guesthouses were damaged and had to be rebuilt. Due to such, now many guesthouses have solar hot showers with hot water. Hot water in the cold mountain terrain is a joy to have.

Best place for coffee fanatics: In Kyanjin Gompa, there are some coffee houses in which coffee enthusiasts can enjoy coffee. One can enjoy the delicious taste of coffee with an amazing and breathtaking mountain scenes from 3800 meters.

Major highlights and attractions of Langtang Valley

Forest: If you have a fondness for rhododendrons, then this trek you will certainly enjoy your time here. We recommend hiking in the spring. The forests of Langtang have an abundance of bamboo, oaks and several greeneries. Furthermore, it has a quiet and peaceful place to walk and to stroll around.

People: In spite of the loss that the locals have suffered due to the earthquake, people of Langtang valley are generous and welcoming. The locals are extremely courteous and grateful if you step into their humble but cozy guesthouses. They also showered you with famous Nepali love and affection.

Langtang National Park: It is only part of Langtang and where one can see many species of animals. There are lots of monkeys, wild deer, dzo, falcons of enormous size and lizards of a variety of colors and sizes. Also, there is a rumor that one even sees a rare Red Panda if you are lucky in Langtang.

There are other popular trekking trails around the Langtang National Park where you can explore the variety of floras and faunas found in the region.

The difficulties that one can face during the trekking period: One should avoid the monsoon from June to September. In such season, landslides occur near to the major road and in all feasible trekking areas of Langtang. There is no age limit to trek on Langtang. However, it is advised that the children below the age of 15 should be allowed. Fit and energetic adults who pose a good level of fitness can tackle the tracks.

Most possibly you will be walking at a higher altitude and altitude could be as low as 2,134m. There are symptoms that the trekkers have to take into consideration. They are dizziness, headache, nausea, loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, vomiting, fatigue, etc. Hence, one should mentally prepare and get ready to adapt to the environment. Also one can hire a local porter to carry and take care of your luggage which also helps a lot while trekking in such regions.

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