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Camping Trekking in Nepal

Camping trekking in Nepal is the real classic way to do trekking in Nepal. This trek can be conducted almost each and every trekking route in Nepal. Such treks are away from the normal trekking trails, experience, and satisfaction of hard work in Himalaya and provide a wilderness experience in Himalaya of Nepal.

Picture: Sense of camping trekking

Mostly these types of trekking organize in remote mountain areas; where all the local peoples are living without any politically and untouched by modern civilization. Local peoples cultivate their own food and each daily needed things in their Land. They have their own distinctive culture and traditional lifestyle and they look quite happier than city peoples. These things might be very very interesting, completely different, and unique to observe throughout trekking.

In fact, trekking in high Himalaya will give you a very special experience of real Nepal and trek in high and remote Himalaya. Choosing to do a camping trek in Nepal is the best way to directly support and help to develop these undeveloped areas. In some high mountains and remote trekking routes of Nepal, there is no Tea House / Lodges on the trail so there is no other option of camping trek to explore that area.

These are the camping trekking trail that we organize in Nepal.

1: Dhaulagiri Base Camp Trek 

2: Upper Dolpa Trek

3: Makalu Base Camp Trek

4: Panch Pokhari Trek.

5: Rara Lake Trek 

Best Time To Do Camping Trekking In Nepal. 

Like other trekking trails in Nepal, camping trek also does in two best seasons spring and autumn. Normally camping trek in the high Himalaya of Nepal, is always challenging and expensive as well. During autumn and spring weather is perfect for trekking and travel in Nepal.