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Posted On:Friday, August 10, 2018
how to choose a trek in nepal

How to choose a trek in Nepal.

Nepal Himalaya offers trekking for everyone regardless of fitness level, time available, and experience of walking. Thousand of different trekking destinations with the amazing vistas of world highest mountain peaks; the hidden valleys, dramatic landscapes, local culture, and their traditions. This all attractions makes the challenge to choose the right trek to suit your holiday in Nepal. All the trekking trails give you the best experience about the Nepal, Culture, costume, traditions, and the Nepali peoples. But before choosing a trek in Nepal, you must identify when to trek, which region fulfill your expectation, and what style of the trek is suiting for you.

Still, if you are confused about the how to choose a trek in Nepal; you should consider the following.

1: Trek style.

In Nepal, most of the trekking region is possible to do Tea house/ lodge trek especially the Annapurna, Everest, Langtang, Manaslu, and Mustang region. But still, if you like to be in more remote and high Himalaya the camping is the one and only way to access. So that choosing a trek you should consider which style of trek you prefer.

2: Trekking season/ Time of year.

Nepal has all the four season Spring, Autumn, Summer, and Winter. When you are clear you are going to so Trek in Nepal and what kinds of trekking you are going to do. The second important factor you should know is the trekking season or which time of year you are traveling. For trekking, Spring and Autumn are the best.

3: Trek duration.

Another, the most important fact is known about the choosing a trek to do in Nepal is the trek duration. All the trekking regions have different length of treks. Not only the length of trek you should have buffer time before and after the trek because the transportation in the Himalayan region never fixed.

4: Trek grades.

Himalaya of Nepal offers different grades of trek such as Easy, Moderate, Difficult, Challenging, and Demanding. Choosing a trek in Nepal depends on your expectation, experience, and skills.