How to trek to Everest Base Camp | Everest Base Camp Trek

How to trek to Everest Base Camp

How to trek to Everest Base Camp.

Everest is the highest point of the universe. To be in the Base Camp of the Everest 8848m is the dream of the thousands of trekkers every year. The journey to the Everest Base Camp had been set in the 1920s and the submit had been made by Sir Edmond Hillary and Tenzing Norge Sherpa 1953 AD. Every year thousands of mountaineer they try to get in submit and thousands of trekkers who put their footprint in the Everest Base Camp.


Everest Base Camp Trek is getting popular each day because of the scenery of the snow-capped mountain peaks and Landscapes. The culture of the Himalayan king Sherpa community and the Buddhist religion of the high land of Himalaya.


Every year thousands of trekkers they visit this land and some of them had been successes and some of them who lost their beautiful life. That is why this trek is not only adventures this is challenging and dangerous too. So that before you travel in this area you must know how to trek to Everest Base Camp.


How to trek to Everest Base Camp? an answer to this question is;

You must know your personal desire.

Know about your health conditions.

Manage your budget.

Take enough time for this trip.

Know the best period.


Before heading to Everest Base Camp you must know this thing is with you are not. If you have not the desire to go hiking or walking in the mountain then this trip is not for you. Doctor consultant is another important fact. Money is one of the valuable parts of your life so that to do this trek you must manage your budget.  Because of the short time holiday peoples, they like to be in the EBC as much as short time and they had the lifetime problems so to avoid the biggest problems in your life take enough time for this trip. In the Himalaya always traveling is not possible so that you most chose the best time to trek to Everest Base Camp.


Best season to do the trip to Everest Base Camp.

Spring: March, April and mid of May.

Autumn: September, October, and November.


To do trekking in Nepal is always fun and adventure but you have to know what are the best. Trekking area in Nepal is two categories restricted area and normal trekking area. Everest Base Camp Trek is a normal trekking area so that here you can trek yourself too but I suggest you most travel with the guide.