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Rebuilding Project

Helping Thulo Parsel

WorkingOn Saturday the 25th of April 2015 a big earthquake struck Nepal and the Nepali people. With a magnitude of 7.8, the earthquake killed more than 8,700 people and ten thousand people were wounded. More than 400,000 buildings collapsed and a million people became homeless. The center of the earthquake was between Kathmandu and Pokhara. On May 12 there was another earthquake with a magnitude of 7,4. This time it was east from Kathmandu. Also, this earthquake killed people, and a lot of people were injured and houses were again damaged. A lot of mountain villages were hit and a lot of houses were destroyed or damaged. Also Thulo Parsel, a little mountain village 80 km east of Kathmandu.

RebuildingThulo Parsel is the home village of Jit, Raby, and Nir Lama from JRNTreks and a lot of other trekking guides, cooks, and porters who used to work with JRN Treks. Hans and Fabienne Buijing from the Netherlands visit Nepal every year since 2006 and they are a private sponsor of Jit, Raby, and Nir in Thulo Parsel. Directly after the earthquake, they started fundraising to help the people in this village. 80 percent of the houses in this village ware destroyed or damaged. The fundraising became a great success and they started the Foundation Helping Thulo Parsel in August 2015.

The foundation Helping Thulo Parsel has built the first four houses from November 15 till December 6, 2015, with six volunteers from the Netherlands and 12 Nepali villagers.  During the construction of the houses, we learned the villagers to use the equipment and we learned them how to build a better house. The professional volunteers from the Netherlands gave the villagers education by learning on the job. After the Dutch volunteers went back home the people of Thulo Parsel has to prove they can build themselves the houses and they build 12 houses.

Now this project is finished the Foundation Helping Thulo Parsel will help another mountain village where guides, porters, and trekking cooks live. The foundation will start in November 2017. The goal is to build 9 houses. The management team from the village Thulo Parsel with Raby Lama as a financial manager will organize everything for the Dutch foundation to make also this project successful.

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