Upper Mustang Tiji Festival Trek

Upper Mustang Tiji Festival Trek

Upper Mustang is the wonderland for traditions, culture, nature, and religion. Inside this wonderland, there are varieties of religious and cultural celebrates. Among them, Tiji Festival is one of the most popular annual festivals in Upper Mustang. And to get in there you need to do Upper Mustang Tiji Festival Trek. 

This festival celebrates inside the walled city Lomanthang or the kingdom of Upper Mustang  Lo Manthang. Each year thousands of locals and foreigners witness this historical festival in Upper Mustang. Locals go there from all over the Mustang district and; foreign trekkers travel all the way from their homeland to Nepal. 

Trekking to Mustang for Tiji Festival is a great chance to combine both nature and culture at one time. As usual, this festival celebrates for three days and in that three days. The monks perform different rituals. Those rituals are belonged to God winning over the devil to save the Upper Mustang. 

There are two different trekking itineraries to enjoy this festival. Those Tiji Festival Trek Itineraries are 

Classic Upper Mustang Trek itinerary 

This one is the first option to enjoy the Tiji Festival in Lomanthang. 

Day 1Fly from Pokhara to Jomsom and trek to Kagbeni 
Day 2Kagbeni to Chaile 
Day 3Chaile to Syangbochen 
Day 4Syangbochen to Tsarang 
Day 5Tsarang to Lomanthang and explore the day one of the Tiji Festival
Day 6Explore day two of the Tiji Festival 
Day 7Explore the third day of the Tiji Festival 
Day 8Trek to Dhakmar 
Day 9Trek to Syangbochen 
Day 10Trek to Chhusang 
Day 11Trek to Kagbeni 
Day 12 Trek to Jomsom 
Day 13Fly back to Pokhara. 

The second option for Tiji Festival is a Jeep Tour to Upper Mustang. This is an easy and luxurious adventure in the wonderland. To explore the traditional festival in Lo Manthang. This is even more expensive than the classics Upper Mustang Trek. 

Jeep tour itinerary goes like this for Tiji Festival Trek

Day 1Drive from Pokhara to Tatopani 
Day 2Tatopani to Kagbeni 
Day 3Kagbeni to Syangbochen 
Day 4Syangbochen to Lo Manthang 
Day 5Morning drive to China border and explore the first-day Tiji Festival 
Day 6Explore second-day Tiji Festival 
Day 7Explore the third Day of the Tiji Festival 
Day 8Drive to Yara and visit Luri Gumba 
Day 9Drive to Samar 
Day 10Drive to Muktinath 
Day 11Drive to Pokhara 

The third option for Upper Mustang Tiji Festival Trek is to end your trip by exploring the beautiful Luri Gumba. And walk down to Tangbe to Chhusang and climb up to Muktinath. 

Day by day itinerary for the third option of Tiji Festival with Luri Gumba Trek

Day 1 Fly to Jomsom and Trek to Kagbeni 
Day 2Trek to Chaile 
Day 3Trek to Syangbochen via Chunshi Cave 
Day 4Trek to Dhakmar 
Day 5Trek to Lomanthang via Ghar Gumba 
Day 6Explore Lo Manthang and day 1 of the Tiji festival 
Day 7Explore the second day of the Tiji Festival 
Day 8Explore the third day of the Tiji Festival 
Day 9Trek to Yara 
Day 10Hike to Luri Gumba and back to Yara 
Day 11 Trek to Tangbe 
Day 12Trek to Tetang 
Day 13Trek to Muktinath 
Day 14Trek to Jomsom 
Day 15Fly back to Pokhara. 

If you are traveling from Kathmandu you need to add two more days to in and out from Pokhara. Even when you want to do is a Jeep drive only from Jomsom that is possible. Because Pokhara to Jomsom there is flight operates every day. 

Permits for Tiji Festival Trek 

Upper Mustang is one of the most expensive trekking trails in Nepal. So that observe Tiji Festival also need to issue special trekking permit. Because upper mustang is a restricted trekking area of Nepal and furthermore ACAP permit. (Annapurna Conservation Area Entry Permit) 

When to visit for Tiji Festival in Lo Manthang Upper Mustang. 

This festival is usually celebrated between May and June as the Tibetan Calendar. For 2022 this festival going to celebrate from 27th May to 29th May in the Lo Manthang Upper Mustang.