The top 5 places to visit during Langtang Circuit Trek

The top 5 places to visit during Langtang Circuit Trek

Langtang Circuit Trek is a longer version of Langtang Trek; Ghatlang, Nagthali, Langtang Village, Kyangin Gumba and Gosainkunda Lake are the top 5 places to visit during Langtang Circuit Trek.  

1: Ghatlang 

Ghatlang is a traditional Tamang Village, where living thousand of Tamang people. This is one of the biggest Tamang settlements in Nepal. This traditional Tamang village is inside the Tamang Heritage Trail Trek and this place is one of the top 5 places to visit during Langtang Circuit Trek. 

Ghatlang Lies more than 2200 m above sea level. The uniqueness of this village is the style of the houses how they build. Buddhist stupas all over the village and prayer flags in each house in the village made this village is a unique place on earth. 

2: Nagthali 

Nagthali is a holy place where locals believe that once Guru Rimpoche did meditation thereby. This is not only the holy place this is one of the finest viewpoints during Tamang Heritage Trail Trek. When we combine this place with Langtang Circuit Trek and do LCT we must sleep there overnight. 

From Nagthali you can hike to the viewpoint from where we can see the part of Tibet and the border between Nepal and China. This is kind of the central point of this area’s trekking because you most cross by here. Either hike from Ghatlang or Thuman. 

3: Langtang Valley 

Langtang valley is one of the most affected areas by an earthquake in 2015. The whole village was swept and killed more than 300 people. Including international trekkers, porters, guides, and of course hundreds of locals. 

Before the earthquake, this place used to be one of the most fascinating places in the Langtang region. And most of the trekkers spent one night there. Nowadays this place is rising and locals are starting their business and agricultural work normally. 

Stay here for a night during your trek to the Langtang region means you directly support the locals. To generate their income by tourism because tourism is the main income source of this territory. 

4: Kyagnin Gumba and Kyangin Ri 

Kyangin Gumba is at an elevation of 3800m from sea level. This Himalayan village is located on the lap of mount Langtang Ri and in the middle of two river streams. This is one of the top 5 places to visit during Langtang Circuit Trek. Because this place offers everything that adventure lovers. 

Good hotel, Cheese factory, Coffee shop, and Bakery shop to devour a bakery test in the mountain. Beautiful Buddhist stops, A traditional Gumba on the side of the village. Above all from Kyangin Gumba there are beautiful side trails such as Kyangin Ri, Tsarikuri, Langsisa Kharka, and Ganjala Base Camp. 

5: Gosainkunda Lake 

Gosainkunda Lake is one of the holy lakes in Nepal for both Buddhist and Hindu followers. This massive lake is a companion of other many lakes such as Saraswati Kunda Surya Kunda, Bhairav Kunda, Nagh Kunda, and many more. It’s said that there are 108 lakes in the surrounding of Gosainkunda. 

This lake is inside the Langtang National Park and is suited at an elevation of 4380m above sea level. Due to such a high altitude, during the winter season, this lake will be frozen and walkable. But not recommended to walk over the lake because it’s very dangerous to walk on the frozen lake.