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Tour in Nepal

Tour in Nepal

Tour in Nepal opens up a plethora of Cultural and Natural diversities as the whole part of Nepal. Every part has its own cultural setting traditional impotency, religious harmony, inhabitant ethnic groups, and their custom, culture, and language. Social organization and faith in that. That is why Nepal is the Cultural and Natural diverse kingdom in the world.

All the Nepalese peoples are an important aspect of culture in Nepal. Sacred pilgrims sites for both Hindu and Buddhist religion and their harmony. All the historical monuments listed in the UNESCO Heritage site and non-listed other sites. And all the human creations monuments and memorials guide richness of Cultural verities in Nepal.

Naturally and culturally amazing parts of Nepal offers varieties of activities while you tour in Nepal. Tours activities mostly do in the cities like the city of Temple Kathmandu Valley to explore the real culture and lifestyle of peoples. History of Kathmandu valley and Nepal, the faith and tradition of Hindu and Buddhist culture and religion in Nepal.

The city of Lake Pokhara to enjoy the natural attractions as well as for other adventure activities such as Paragliding, Mountain Biking, Boating in the lakes and sunrise and sunset view. Spectacular views of beautiful mountains peak. Then Lumbini to know more about the history of Buddha and Buddhist religion. And finally, visit Chitwan National Park to explore the varieties of flora and fauna. And the typical culture of the Tharu community around there.

Cultural and Natural tours in Nepal can be one day to ten days depending on your time budget and what you wish to do during your time in Nepal.

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