Upper Mustang Trek Itinerary

Upper Mustang Trek Itinerary

Upper Mustang Trek is a trek into the forbidden Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal and the itinerary of Upper Mustang Trek is suits for everyone. Because this trekking trail is just below the 4200m above sea level. And easily find trekking trails and well-marked where to go. Nowadays road made everywhere and that even easy to find the route. However, the original trekking trails have vanished in most of the places. 

Because of the easy road access, Upper Mustang Trek can do in a different style. Especially Nepali trekkers want to visit Mustang by Jeep so Jeep tour is getting popular nowadays. Before it used to be in Camping trek to Upper Mustang. Later on, changed to a Tea House or Lodge Trek and continue to do Lodge Trek in Mustang. Biking trips also organizing and offering by some trekking company’s from Nepal and abroad. 


Classic Upper Mustang Trekking Itinerary.

Classic Upper Mustang Trek means walking all the way to Lomanthng from Kagbeni and back to Kagbeni. This is 11 nights 12 days walking trip from Kagbeni to Kagbeni follows like this

Day 1Fly to Jomsom and Trek to Kagbeni. 
Day 2Trek to Chhaile 
Day 3 Trek to Syangbochen 
Day 4Trek to Ghami 
Day 5Trek to Tsarang 
Day 6Trek to Lomanthang 
Day 7Trek to Chhoser 
Day 8Trek to Dhakmar 
Day 9Trek to Syangbochen 
Day 10Trek to Chhusag 
Day 11Trek to Kagbeni or Jomsom 
Day 12Fly back to Pokhara 

Upper Mustang Jeep /Bike Tour Itinerary

This is the easiest option to explore Upper Mustang. Mustang Jeep Tour means a four wheels drive to the walled city of the Lho and explore the region. It’s a kind of luxury adventure activity. The itinerary of the Jeep trip goes as follows. 

Day 1Drive from Pokhara to Tatopani
Day 2Drive from Tatopani to Muktinath
Day 3Muktinath to Syangbochen
Day 4Syangbochen to Lho Manthang 
Day 5Drive to Chhoser and Nepal – China border
Day 6Explore Lho Manthang 
Day 7Lo Manthang to Giling via Ghargumba and Dhakmar. 
Day 8Giling to Jomsom 
Day 9Jomsom Pokhara 
Day 10Pokhara Kathmandu 

 Visit Luri Gumba

Visit Luri Gumba during Upper Mustang Trek is the longest and hardest trek. Because walking throughout Yara, Ghara, and Walk from Tangbe to Chhusang is a very challenging and demanding hike of the Upper Mustang Trek. The itinerary of Upper Mustang Trek includes Luri Gumba. 

Day 1Fly to Jomsom and trek to Kagbeni 
Day 2Trek to Chaile 
Day 3Trek to Syangbochen via Ranchung Cave 
Day 4Trek to Dhakmar 
Day 5Trek to Tsarang  via Ghar Gumba 
Day 6Trek to Lho Manthang 
Day 7Trek to Chhoser and back to Lomanthang 
Day 8Trek to Yara Village
Day 9Hike to Luri Gumba and around 
Day 10Trek to Tangge Village 
Day 11Trek to Chhusang 
Day 12Trek to Muktinath
Day 13Trek to Jomsom 
Day 14Fly back to Pokhara. 


Tiji Festival Trip

Tiji festival is the biggest celebrated festival in Upper Mustang. This is a three days annual celebration that took place inside the Wall city of the Lomanthang. Tiji Festival celebrate as the memory of the victory over the bad things by good things.

Day 1Fly to Jomsom and Trek to Kagbeni
Day 2Trek to Chhaile
Day 3Trek to Syangbochen 
Day 4Trek to Tsarang
Day 5Trek to Lomamtang and explore Tiji Festival Day 1 
Day 6Explore Tiji Festival Day 2 
Day 7Explore Tiji Festival Day 3
Day 8Trek to Dhakmar
Day 9Trek to Syangbochen 
Day 10Trek to Chhusang 
Day 12Trek to Jomsom 
Day 13Fly back to Pokhara

Permits and it’s cost

The Mustang region is a restricted trekking area. That is why to do follow any of the upper mustang treks itineraries first need to obtain a special permit. The special permit will cost $500 and the ACAP permit $30 for international visitors. The government license holder guide is mandatory and trekking permits must issue by the registered trekking company. This me as individuals or FIT trekkers are not allowed. 

The right time to Explore Mustang. 

To follow the up-listed Upper Mustang trekking itineraries except for the Tiji festival; the rest you can do during spring and autumn. Tiji Festival celebrates during summer so for that need to trek during the summer season. 

Spring and Autumn are the best time to do a trek in Nepal. In this two-season weather is best and views are excellent. The spring and autumn season is festive in Nepal. So during trekking, you may encounter a festival.