White water rafting in Nepal | Rafting activities in Nepal | Rafting Nepal

White Water Rafting in Nepal

White Water Rafting in Nepal

In this tiny realm, different source to adventure activities available among them White Water Rafting in Nepal covers some part because of Nepal has many rivers and second richest country in the world for the water source. So here are many options for Rafting in Different types of rivers to explore for adventure and fun …

Rivers                                                                                              Days  

  1. Tirsuli River                                                                     1 up to 3 days
  2. Seti River                                                                          2 days
  3. Bhote Kosi River                                                             2 days
  4. Kali Gandaki River                                                         3 days
  5. Marsandi River                                                               4 days
  6. Sun Kosi River                                                                7 to 9 days
  7. Arun River                                                                       9 days
  8. Karnali River                                                                   10 days
  9. Tamur River                                                                    11 days

Up listed rivers will fulfill your desire to enjoy the world most thrilling whitewater and kayaking with the wide range of difficulties. Bug-free beaches for camping and warm and cold clear water will make a wealth of unlimited opportunities for great river rafting Kayaking and Beaches Camping.


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