The different Gateways of Langtang Circuit Trek

The different Gateways of Langtang Circuit Trek

There are different gateways to do Langtang circuit Trek. Because this trekking trail is easily accessible from Kathmandu. All the starting points are starts from Kathmandu. Among them, Sundarijal and Syaprubesi are the popular starting point of Langtang Circuit Trek. Because these two starting places cover most of the trekking trail inside the Langtang National Park. 

Langtang region has a variety of trekking trails. Such as Langtang Valley Trek, Tamang Heritage Trail Trek, Langtang Gosainkunda Trek, Helambu Gosaibkunda Trek, etc. The combination of these trekking trails is called Langtang Circuit Trek. This is a naturally incredible and cultural landmark of the Tamang community. Trekking in these regions allows the witness of Tamang’s costumes, culture, and traditions. 

This region has ancient monasteries, stupas, and Mani walls along the way, and each village. All these monuments refer that; this area is very rich in culture, tradition, theology, and the identification of the Tamang community. Therefore trekking hereby means not only walking to the Himalayas; it will allow feeling real lifestyle of the mountain people. 

The first gateways of Langtang Circuit Trek.

Day 1Drive from Kathmandu to Syaprubesi
Day 2Trek from Syaprubesi to Ghatlang. 
Day 3Ghatlang to Tatopani 
Day 4Tatopani to Nagthali and hike to a viewpoint 
Day 5Nagthali to Bridhim
Day 6Bridhim to Sherpa Gaun
Day 7Sherpa Gaun to Riverside 
Day 8Riverside to Langtang Valley 
Day 9Langtang Valley to Kyangin Gumba 
Day 10Hike to Kyangin Ri 
Day 11Kyangin to Lama Hotel 
Day 12Lama Hotel to Thulo Syabru 
Day 13Thulu Syabru to Sing Gumba 
Day 14Sing Gumba to Gosibkunda Lake 
Day 15Gosainkunda to Ghopte 
Day 16Ghopte to Tharepati 
Day 17Tharepati to Tarkegyang 
Day 18 Tarkeguang to Samarthang 
Day 19Samarthang to Melamchi Pul and drive to Kathmandu. 

This first option is popular and short than the second option. Although if you want you can add two more days by walking to Kutumsang, Chisapani, and Sundarijal. During this trek, you must visit some delightful places. 

The second geteways of Langtang Circuit trek 

Day 1Drive to Sundarijal and trek to Chispani 
Day 2Chispani to Kutumsang 
Day 3Kutumsang to Tharepatti 
Day 4Tharepatti to Phedi 
Day 5Phedi to Gosainkunda 
Day 6Gosainkunda to Sing Gumba
Day 7Sing Gumba to Thulo Suabru 
Day 8Rest day 
Day 9Thulo Syanru to Lama Hotel 
Day 10Lama Hotel to Langtang Valley 
Day 11Langtang to Kyangin Gumba 
Day 12Hike to Kyangin Ri/ Tasarikuri 
Day 13Kyangin to Riverisde 
Day 14Riverside to Sherpa Gaun 
Day 15Sherpa Gaun to Bridhim 
Day 16Bridhim to Nagthali 
Day 17Hike to viewpoint and trek to Tatopani 
Day 18Trek to Ghatlang 
Day 19Ghatlang to Syaprubesi 
Day 20Drive to Kathmandu 

This second option is two days longer because the trek starts from Sundarijal. Starting Langtang Circuit Trek from Sundarijal is an ideal option. Because it starts in lower elevation which helps to acclimatize to the altitude. 

There is one more option to start the Langtang Circuit Trek is drive to Melamchi Pul and trek to Samarthang, Tarkekyang, and Tarepatti. And continue to Ghopte and Gosainkunda. These itineraries are company-made. However, these can be changed as you require.

Require Permits 

Shivapuri Nagarjuna National Park permit 

Langtang National Park permit 

TIMS Card 

National Park permits can get along the way. If the trek starts from Syaprubesi National Park entry permit can be get from Dhunche. And if the trek starts from Sundarijal Langtang National Park permit better to get from Kathmandu and Shivapuri National Park available in Sundarijal. 

If trekkers trek with a trekking agency; the agency will organize TIMS card. And if hikers hike individually they need to go to Nepal Tourism Board and purchase TIMS Card from there. However, you can buy permits furthermore from NTB Kathmandu.